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Call for proposals

The Comité Réseau des Universités (CRU), the Réseau National de télécommunications pour la Technologie, l'Enseignement et la Recherche (RENATER) and the Unité Réseaux du CNRS (UREC) entrusted the Universities of Strasbourg with the organization of the 7th session of the Journées Réseaux conference (French academic Networking Days), JRES 2007.

This conference, which will take place from November, 20th to 23rd 2007 at the Palais de la Musique et des Congrès of Strasbourg, France, is aimed at every player of the education and research community contributing to the deployment and expansion of the information and communication technologies: network architects, system and network administrators, project managers, information system managers, developers and end users.

The JRES conference is a forum of exchange and skills transfer, through experience comparison and introduction of innovative technologies and services. For this JRES 2007 session, emphasis will be placed on networking and information system issues as regards structuring institution projects and European and national interoperability frameworks.

The JRES conference still focuses on the large themes it has always dealt with.

This year, you are invited to propose several types of contributions:

  • articles presenting experience feedback and project reports;
  • foresight studies or studies about a particular technology;
  • posters;
  • demonstrations;
  • round tables.

In addition to the usual presentation types of JRES, two new types of presentations will be offered. Those interactive sessions are meant to encourage exchanges.

  • The demonstrations are meant to present new developments or services likely to interest the JRES community.
  • The round tables (duration 1h30) will involve several speakers (4 at most) on a given topic they chose beforehand. Each speaker will quickly present his/her point of view before launching a debate with the audience. The proposals authors will be speakers at the round table. The debates contents (issues discussed, points of view, convergences, differences, suggestions of organization...) will be specified in the proposals text.

The conference language is French. However articles written and set out in English are also accepted.

A not exhaustive list gives examples of topics that can be discussed for each theme of the conference.