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RRDtool Tips & Tricks
  • Tobias Oetiker    OETIKER+PARTNER AG
Mots clés : RRDtool, Monitoring, Logging, Graphics, MRTG, Smokeping
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Over the last few years RRDtool has become the standard method for handling time-series data in the networking area. It takes care of all the work related to data storage and presentation. Many users only access RRDtool through some front end Application like Cacti or Cricket.

In this talk you will learn how to get RRDtool to help you become even more successful and tune your monitoring system of choice to create even more useful output. An emphasis will be put on presentation aspects. The best data is worth only as much as your bosses and customers understand and appreciate the graphs you create with it.

The final segment of the presentation will go into the latest developments in RRDtool. What's new and what's on the horizon.